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Updated: Oct 17, 2018

The hot water bottle is a natural remedy that comes from the past, and that helps alleviate some small annoyances of daily life. Some people use it simply to warm the sheets and blankets before going to sleep, while others never give it up for therapeutic purposes, such as for the treatment of pain.

Science tells us that this resource of the grandmother is not a placebo. The hot water bag can really soothe those pains that benefit from the presence of heat.

Benefits and uses of hot water bottle.

Let's say you have stomach pain. A study from University College London has shown that the heat produced by the hot water bottle blocks the pain messages that the stomach transmits to the brain. Therefore it acts as a kind of anaesthetic and maybe even better than classical medications.

The same effect is also true for menstrual cramps.

Before this investigation it was thought that the effect of heat was only psychological, but apparently the hot water bottle actually manages to deactivate the pain at the molecular level in the same way as the analgesics we find in pharmacies.

According to the experts, if we put the part of the body in pain, in contact with a heat source with a temperature above 40 ° C (like the hot water bottle), some receptors are started up which in turn block the pain. Like a drug, the hot water bottle acts on the symptom. It may be useful to achieve momentary relief, as when taking a pain reliever, but it is important to look for the cause of the pain when it is unknown.

In the case of the hot water bottle you can talk about heat therapy or Thermotherapy. A growing number of studies are emphasizing the benefits of heat for health.

So why not rediscover the beloved and old bottle of hot water?


1- in the case of accidents involving the muscles, apply heat after 48 hours, in the opinion of experts, it could be useful to accelerate healing.

2-use of the hot water bottle for stomach pain and for cramps related to the menstrual cycle, to relieve pain sensation.

The heat of the hot water bottle can also be beneficial in case of conditions related to arthritis and back pain, for example if the pain is caused by muscle contractions. In the case of contracted muscles at the neck level, a hot shower may also be useful. Therefore, except in special cases, do not hesitate to adopt the hot water bottle for menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, stomach pain, cramps and arthritis.


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