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Sassy Babe Colombian fajas In Mancheter

For a long time I been helping many clients who has been  through  a cosmetic surgery to recover fester through Lymphatic drained massage.

But a repeated problem was coming up always, my clients couldn't find a proper Compression garment also called Colombian faja.

As I come from the Dominican Republic a land of cosmetics surgery I know how important is a good faja after a liposuction or a tummy tuck so I decided to create Sassy babe a brand of Colombian fajas in Manchester and post surgery after care items.

Hoping to help my client's in the best way possible.


If your are looking for a Colombian faja you need to try Sassy babe Colombian fajas. 

High compression stage 1 short legging Colombian faja/ steel bone


Stage 1 high compression long leggings Colombian faja/ long leggings 


Stage 2 high compression Colombian faja

Fit dOlls (5).png
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