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Sassy Babe colombian fajas .


If you are looking for a high compression Colombian faja in Manchester this one is the right one for you.

The faja  is 6pcs steel bones one- piece stage 1 Colombian faja, also good as Tummy tummy control full body shaper.


Some people dont like tu use steel bones fajas because it may leave some marks but actually thet are amazing because it help you with the posture all you need is a board underneath to avoid the marks.


This is a high compression faja any way please measure your self before any purchase take as a guide the measuring chart in the pictures.



45% spandex 






This faja is similar to the other steel bone faja the difference is in the leggings.

This one is a short leggings the other one is  a long Legging faja.

Please measure yourself before any purchase

(returns are not accept it)

High compression stage 1colombian faja

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