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How Acupuncture can Help with Depression?

Depression through TCM point of view.


The World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that by 2020 depression will become the second cause of disability in the world, behind ischemic diseases (heart attacks, coronary insufficiency, cerebrovascular accident) while in 2000 it occupied The fourth place.

DEFINITION Depression comes from the Latin depression: sinking. The patient feels depressed with a weight on his existence. It is an affective disorder that ranges from: transient low moods that are characteristic of life itself, to clinical syndrome, of significant severity and duration with associated signs and symptoms, markedly different from normality. Depression is a treatable illness, just like diabetes or hypertension. Many mistakenly believe that depression is normal in older people, teens, menopausal women, new mothers, or people with chronic illnesses. But this is a misconception, no matter your age, gender or life situation, depression is never normal. Anyone experiencing depressive symptoms must be diagnosed and treated to reverse her condition.

TYPES OF DEPRESSION As in other diseases, for example heart disease, there are several types of depressive disorders. The three most common types of depression are:

Major Depressive Disorder, Dysthymic Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. In each of these three types of depression, the number, severity, and persistence of symptoms vary.

CHINESE TRADITIONAL MEDICINE The term mental depression does not exist in Chinese medicine. It is Western and does not reveal a specific classification according to the dialectic of TCM. The fact that TCM does not exhaustively evoke depression in a single concept may seem inconvenient for the study of this disorder. Nothing to see The resulting vision is more accurate as it allows viewing from different angles. The birth of the disease is associated with mental emotional imbalances, and pathological alterations are related according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to the Liver, Heart and Spleen. The beginning is usually due to an excess always, an excess of pain, frustration, grief, etc. According to TCM, this excess becomes an obstruction of energy (Qi), causing pictures of excesses and deficiencies in the organs, altering the Yin and Yang, according to the TAO. If the symptom is not treated in time, it will lead to insufficiency and depending on the affected organ or viscera they will be altered by the energy (Qi) which will be damaged, as well as the Yin, Yang and Xue (blood) and these in turn creating pathologies in the Heart, Spleen, Kidney and Liver. The treatment according to TCM, will be carried out according to the differentiation of syndromes of the individual, toning, unblocking and sedating.

The structure of the psyche in TCM, is the structure of the Shen or what is the same is the product of the psychic entities of the organism, the emotions and the feelings of the relationship life. The psychic entities of the organism are: SHEN - HUN - PO - YI - ZHI They are all emanations of the Shen, and all together constitute the Shen, the Shen (spirit) is the Heart the sky, the sky is the most yang that exists, and contains the set of all the Shen, and each psychic entity is housed in the organism in an organ, in which it has its dwelling. The organs in which they are housed are: SHEN IN THE HEART, HUN IN THE LIVER, PO IN THE LUNG, YI IN THE SPLEEN, ZHI IN THE KIDNEY.

These psychological entities are indispensable in life, they ensure the animation of a physical body, and according to the constitutional strength or weakness of each one, this may give the individual his character, his innate and constitutional psychic typology. Feelings and emotions: feelings are more elaborate affects than emotions, which are more brutal and spontaneous, feelings are: JOY, ANGER, SADNESS, WORRIES, FEAR.

If you are facing this emotional state thinking that just antidepressant can help you I hope that after reading this post you have some idea that the depression is not a natural state but in a alteration of the SHEN and imbalance of the energy.

At the Manchester Acupuncturist we will create a special Treatment for you in base of your necessities.

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