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Sassy Babe Colombian fajas.


Super High compression stage 2 Colombian faja suitable for Liposuction aftercare, tummy tuck or as daily use faja.


After a liposuction or Tummy tuck it's very important the type of faja that you use, you need to understand the type of compression that you need to achieve the best results soon as possible.

The compression will help you to reduce  the swelling and shape your body.

Many people struggle with a high compression faja beacuse the first days are uncomfortable but once you pass the firts 3 day you get use to it.


Understand the type of faja.


With the stage 1 faja the compression need  to be soft as you just came out of thesurgery so the body is in pain but you still need compression.

The stage 2 faja the compression must be strong as this is the faja that you will wear every day for the first  6 to 12 month.

This is the faja that will help you reduce the swelling and shape your body.


Before any purchase please measure your self with the measuring chart in the pictures.

Return are not ac


High compression stage 2 Colombian faja

Stage 2 high compression colombian faja
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