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Vitamin B to prevent the stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems that threaten health these days, and, interestingly, although its effects can be quite serious in people, the way to prevent it is not too difficult, being the food and the vitamin content that we consume a good way to combat stress. Therefore, today I want to talk about vitamin B to prevent stress.

Stress and B vitamins

When a typically stressful situation occurs in our life, the main altered results to be the nervous system, so the B vitamins, the main responsible for keeping it healthy, lower their levels giving way to pictures of anguish, depression, irritability, exhaustion or even insomnia.

Therefore it is vitally important to provide the body with adequate amounts of vitamin B to avoid stress, which can be achieved through an adequate diet rich in this vitamin complex.

But in addition to consuming greater amounts of vitamin B, we should also reduce the intake of those foods that inhibit or reduce them, as is the case of alcohol, caffeine and gasified products.

Low levels of vitamin B

As we said before, the vitamin B complex allows the nervous system and the cells that make it up to be healthy, so that its deficiency affects the nervous system's direct detriment, leading to situations of depression, fatigue, anemia, headaches, weakness, cardiovascular problems, aggression, lack of concentration or nervousness.

What foods provide nutrients from the vitamin B complex?

Vitamin B1: corn, spinach, oats, Swiss chard, plums, watercress, nuts and strawberries.

Vitamin B2: eggs, milk, seeds and grains, green vegetables.

Vitamin B3: grains and nuts, red meat, fish, milk, cheese and cereals.

Vitamin B5: salmon: liver, red meat, eggs, chicken meat, clams, seeds and rice.

VitaminB6: green vegetables such as spinach, nuts, cereals, bananas, red meat, chicken and fish.

Vitamin B12: salmon, red meat, poultry meat, clams, liver and eggs.

How you can see, foods rich in vitamin B are very varied, so it should not be difficult to program a diet rich in them, but without ceasing to be a rich and appetizing food. Try mixing different varieties of vegetables and meats that balance your vitamin B levels to strengthen the nervous system and reduce the danger of stress.

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Living a healthy live is living a Happy live .

Thank you very much for your time here I hope this article help you .

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